Air-tight packing at home

So, here is what we found for you, so that you can preserve your food, grains, pulses and other edible food items for a long time and the interesting thing is you can also pack water and store in a polythene bag. 

It's not at all a tough process to make your own air tight packing at home. It's pretty easy to make. Follow the simple steps to make your own air tight packing at home. 

Things your will need :-
  • plastic bottle or soda bottle
  • scissors
  • polythene bags
How to make it :-

1) Take a plastic bottle and cut it from above by leaving approx. 1/2 inch gap after the bottle cap.

2) After cutting take you polythene bag which contains your food and pass the bag from the bottom of the bottle.

3) Open the polythene bag from above after passing from the bottle.

4) Close the bottle with the cap so the the polythene comes in between.

5) After closing the bottle with cap, you have your own air tight packing at home.

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