5 simple and easy tips while writing and decorating cake

Writing on cake is not that easy as you think after, but it will be easy after you get the secret of writing on it. Many people feels uncomfortable regarding writing on a cake and also when it comes to decorate their cakes. Well, you do such an hard work and keep patience for the nice and tasty cake. So you must also learn some quick and easy simple tricks that will make you perfect in writing as well as decorating the cake well.

Follow these 5 simple and easy tips and tricks for piping...

 1.Fill a pastry bag fitted with a fine tip

2.Mark each word with a toothpick

3.Trace the letters

4.Practice piping on a plate first

5.Pipe over the lines


 Some simple type of decorating styles:-

Polka Dot Cake

For this polka dotted cake design, hold the pastry bag in both hands and keep the tip just a little above the surface and gently squeeze the icing and then as soon as the icing releases pull it back. Frosting dots will also help to hide smudged edges or spotty icing; start with the large ones. You can make different types of dots and also decorate it with different colors.

You can also make your own designs by kmife, spoon and fork, etc. This will be easy and less time consuming and also give your cake a good look to make your mouth watery...

Prepare your own decorative design and try to apply a new design every time you make cake at home this will help you to make new and creative design.