Easter Egg Art Bot

We here at Freshness love holiday traditions. However, some should have been left behind in the old country instead, like the art of decorating Easter Eggs. With our clumsy handling and oversized digits, we left a trail of cracked egg shells and shattered self esteems each April around Easter. This is about to change soon with the help of The Original Egg-Bot Kit.

  Brilliantly conceived by the evil mad scientists at, where else, Evil Mad Science, the Originals Egg-Bot Kit is an open-source robot able to draw on any spherical shapes in the range of 1.25″ to 4.25″ in diameter, or roughly the size of a ping-pong ball to a small grapefruit according to the company.

 With some adjustments, the Eggbot can paint on other round objects, from lightbulbs, golf balls, wine glasses, to that other holiday traditions, Christmas ornaments. Based on the original design by Bruce Shaprio (The Art of Motion Control), EMS made each kit easy to assemble so you can enjoy designing process rather than cursing up a storm.

This is compatible with the Mac OS, Windows, or Linux, just plugin the bot to any USB port and download the operating software. Beside being “incredible edible”, eggs are now absurdly fun as well. Below are some Egg arts created by this bot.

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