Food Art

Art from different food stuff is a difficult and time consuming process which can be only achieved by practice, hard work and lots of patience. Well, we have collected such arts from food stuff that are presented below. So enjoy it...

A child face created from Spaghetti

Art from Cakes

Don't fear its a dead head skull cake. Amazing art created from cakes...
learn how to make this cake and also learn different new cakes that you make after learning this cake. Click Here

Dead head skull cake
Famous bumble bee transformer cake by one of the best cake creations by Cake Boss.
A sweet 16 cake.
Wall-E cake. 
Nikon D700 cake. 
Cake made up in shape of real bed.  
Art from Angry birds
Angry birds latte art.

Angry bird pizza. 
                              Angry birds snacks                                    Angry birds cupcakes!

Latte Art


I hope you people enjoyed the art. We will keep posting more stuff.