Recipe : Spongbob Squarepants Cupcake in 2 different ways.

I was normally surfing over through the web to search some interesting recipes to share with our members and i got a suggestion to share Spongbob Cupcake recipe as the member was not easily able to find the recipe over net. I thought it was a good idea to share with our members and after reading the articles and other stuff relating to the recipe here is the result. The first one is a little difficult to make but the second one can be made by anybody who is cooking. So, Presenting you the Recipe : Spongbob Squarepants cupcake.

As i already wrote to share recipe in two different ways here are they as following below.

The first way is where you can make whole spongbob with his body.

Ingredients :-

Regular favorite flavored cupcake
Cream of favorite flavor
Yellow fondant
Red fondant
Blue Fondant
Black Fondant
Brown Fondant
Black Gel icing

Directions :-

1) Take the yellow fondant and divide it in six different parts ; two for hands, two for legs, one for face and last one fir nose. Shape it in square for face and built hand and legs accordingly. Also to look his face real make small holes at different spots.
2) Take brown fondant and divide it in 3 parts and make his pants.
3) Take white fondant and divide it in 9 parts and make his 1 shirt,2 eyes, 2 hands, 2 socks and 2 shirt collars.
4) Take blue fondant and divide it in two parts each for eyeballs. Take red fondant and make his tie.
5) Take black fondant and divide it in 4 parts; 2 for shoes and 2 for eyes.
6) Assemble his body and fix them by moistening them. See the image for assembling. Place the Spongbob over the cupcake using cream and stick it. Use black gel icing for eyebrows.
7) Serve it and enjoy.

Children would like to taste it and will really enjoy it.

Now, the another way to make spongbob cupcake where you can only make his face over cupcake. This one is quite easier then the first one.

Ingredients :-

Regular favorite flavored cupcake
Black gel icing
Blue gel icing OR blue Fondant
Red gel icing OR red fondant
White fondant
Butter cream frosting OR yellow fondant
Coke Straw

Note :- You can also use fondant in place of gel icing.

Directions :-

1) Take your favorite flavored cupcake and using butter cream frosting OR yellow fondant cover the cupcake from above.
2) Take white fondant and divide it in 4 parts; 2 for teeth and 2 for eyes. Take 2 eyes white fondant and place it on cupcake by moistening it.
3) Take a straw and make a little hole between the eyes and place blue gel icing in it and fill it.
4) Take black gel icing and make a circle over his eyes and put a spot over blue gel icing placed in the eyes.
5) Make funny nose and smiley mouth using black gel icing. Use red gel icing and add freckles to the cheeks.  6) Use the two left teeth and place it below mouth by moistening it.
7) Serve it, enjoy it, share it.

Below are the two different images shown as cupcake made using fondant and gel icing for the above second recipe.


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